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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Buford + Gwinnett

Standard Carpet Cleaning Process includes:

  • Measuring carpeted area to be cleaned
  • Carpet inspection for pre-existing conditions and damages
  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-spray with traffic lane solutions & basic stain spotter
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • FREE Deodorizer & Sanitizer 
  • Carpet grooming with rake
  • Air Dryer in each room for up to 20 mins

Standard cleaning is perfect for light - medium soiled carpets with a relatively small amount of basic stains.

Deep Carpet Cleaning is highly recommended for medium to heavy and extremely soiled carpets. Deep carpet cleaning is a 10 steps process and includes everything from Standard cleaning and adds: 

  • Carpet scrubbing with an orbit machine to lift up the most stubborn dirt and gain restorative quality cleaning
  • Repetitive steaming passes for greater water bathing and through cleanliness
  • Baseboard cleaning, and sanitizing, where accessible

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

House Deep Carpet Cleaning - Buy One Get One

Carpet Cleaning Deal Qualifications: 

  • New customers only
  • Covers 1000 - 1200  sq ft of carpet 
  • Limited appointments every month
  • Nontransferable between customers and property addresses (same address)
  • 12 months term to use two deep cleaning appointments. Keep it clean all year round 
  • A $25 Service Call Fee is added to your total for Deep Carpet Cleaning and makes you qualify for the next Free cleaning appointment. Add-on cleaning tasks are not included (Pet Treatment, Scotchgard)
  • This special deal can't be combined with any other offers
  • Only available for the following zip codes: 30519, 30043, 30046, 30517, 30518, 30024, 30097, 30096, 30044, 30548, 30019

Wholehouse Deep Carpet Cleaning + Free 2 Seat Couch Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Special Deal Qualification: 

  • New customers only
  • This deal covers Deep Carpet Cleaning for up to 1000 sq ft total
  • Limited appointments every month
  • One-time service. Everything must be serviced at the same time
  • Non substitutional Free Bonus Cleaning (2 Seat Couch)
  • At a cost of Standard Service Call fee of $25 included in the total, makes this deal qualify for Free 2 Seat Couch Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction
  • This Deep Carpet Cleaning offer can not be combined with any other offer
  • Only available for the following zip codes: 30519, 30043, 30046, 30517, 30518, 30024, 30097, 30096, 30044, 30548, 30019  

This Cleaning Bundle Deal Includes:

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning up to 1000 sq ft. 10 Step Cleaning Process that make your carpets ultimately clean!
  • Free 2 Seat Couch Cleaning. Standard Cleaning that includes vacuuming, pre-treatment, hot water extraction, deodorizer. Add-Ons (Deep Cleaning for Couch, Scotchgard, Pet Treatment) not included

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Process, Prices and Results

We love making carpet perfectly clean! Our Professional Carpet Cleaning starts from one room of 100 sq ft to 1000’s of sq ft of carpet cleaning. With our services be sure to expect the highest level of cleaning, top of the line cleaning solutions and simply hard work with 5+ years of experience. Our professional carpet cleaning team serves residential customers within a 15 miles radius of Mall of Georgia, Buford, covering all Gwinnett County and nearby neighborhoods. 

We use the Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning process, frequently referred to as “steam” cleaning. Because hot water gets delivered under pressure of 200-400 psi it explodes like a rainfall on carpet with hot water mist looking like vapor. This is the most efficient carpet cleaning method to deep clean long-seated dirt, allergens, heavy foot traffic, oily food stains and more.
Did you know that carpets can nest up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making them one of the most contaminated surfaces in your home? Basic and deep carpet cleaning is a must for keeping up with healthy living. Carpets always trap allergens, dust mites, and pet dander, which can promote allergies and respiratory concerns.

Our most popular choices for carpet cleaning are Deep Carpet Cleaning, Move In / Move Out Carpet Cleaning, and Standard Cleaning when carpets are lightly soiled. We also provide special carpet cleaning treatments like Pet Treatment to care for stains and odor, as well as carpet fiber protection with Scotchgard. We always make sure your carpet gets properly cleaned, looking restored to its utmost condition and sanitized while leaving the carpets smell naturally pure. 

We have developed a multi step carpet cleaning process to satisfy even most difficult, heavy duty cleaning jobs to where move in / move out standards and deposit refund is a matter of professional carpet cleaning level and expected to be restorative. We provide Satisfaction Guarantee for our carpet cleaning services because we pride quality work. 

 Using state-of-the-art scrubbing orbit machines we turn on the game charger plan for the deep cleaning. It starts with great pre treatment solutions and scrubbing with an orbit brush machine. Orbit Scrubber features a unique orbital action that scrubs carpet fibers from all directions, ensuring an advanced cleaning. Brushes agitating the carpet fibers thoroughly and dislodges embedded dirt that traditional methods might miss. 

Followed by carpet scrubber with another carpet cleaning extractor machine, we perform hot water extraction to deep clean the carpet fibers and remove rooted grime, oils and contaminants. Our commercial grade Dual 3 stage vacuums are powerful enough to perform strong lifting of 200 CFM and extracting dirty water and soil out into the drain through our multi level filtering system. So we catch all the soil, particles and most of the hair too.
Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning Services Nearby

10 Step Deep Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pre Cleaning Audit 
  2. Digital Measuring Rooms 
  3. Vacuuming 
  4. Pre Treatment for Stains & Traffic 
  5. Power Scrubbing with Orbit Machine
  6. Hot Water Extraction 
  7. Clean and Sanitize Baseboards 
  8. FREE Deodorizing
  9. Carpet grooming with rake
  10. Air Dryer up to 20 mins per room
  • Pre Cleaning Audit for carpet condition and concerns. Inspect and test areas for stain damages, discoloration, wicking, etc. We make sure to identify invisible Pet Stains with UV light.
  • Digital Measuring. We measure the carpeted area of the rooms to be cleaned. This way we guarantee honest and fair prices.
  • Vacuuming. Simple step to make final cleaning 30% more efficient.
  • Pre Treatment (Spray spot stains, traffic lanes, rake groom to activate solution). Dwell 10 minutes
  • Power Scrub with Orbit or CRB machine for Deep Carpet Agitation and 
  • Hot Water Extraction to wash and extract dirt, soil and particles with commercial grade vacuum. Rinse carpets with hot water pH balancer to maximize cleaning effect and carpet protection.
    Final step, we Double Dry Pass to minimize drying time.
  • Clean and Sanitize Baseboards. One of the greatest finishing touches to make sure its clean and disinfected 
  • FREE Carpet Deodorizing
  • Air Dryer up to 20 mins per room to maximize drying efficiency
  • Carpet Grooming with carpet rake too keep the final finish professional 

Carpet Cleaning Results Before and After 

Take a look at our carpet cleaning portfolio. We pride ourselves with every successful cleaning job done. With 1000's of carpet cleaning services perfectly completed over the years, we enjoy delivering ultimate carpet cleaning at most affordable prices, top of the line cleaning solutions and simply hard work! 

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Be sure you get most affordable carpet cleaning prices around Lawrenceville, Buford and surrounding neighborhoods of Gwinnett. We guarantee straight forward, transparent and honest prices with no surprises. We don't "Switch and Bait", but clean and We Clean Great! All our carpet cleaning prices and additional service options listed below. Our deep carpet cleaning service prices cover heavy duty soiled carpets, although extreme cleanings need individual estimate. Call us to schedule carpet cleaning or book online and get best price guaranteed!
Appx Size of Rooms (up to) Standard CleaningDeep CleaningMove In / Move Out CleaningAdd OnsAdd On Cost
100 sq ft (1 small room) $69$89$99Pet Treatment (per 250 sq ft area)$49
200 sq ft (house master bdr)$69$89$99Colored Stain Treatment (1 area)$49
300 sq ft (2 apt rooms)$69$89$99Scotchgard Protector (per 500sq ft)$75
400 sq ft (2-3 rooms)$80$92$104 Extreme Carpet Cleaningcall / send pictures for estimate
500 sq ft (3 rooms)$100$115$130
600 sq ft (3 house rooms) $120$138$156
700 sq ft (3 rooms) $140$161$182
800 sq ft (4 areas)$160$184$208
900 sq ft (5 areas)$180$207$234
1000 sq ft (6 areas)$200$229$260