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At Cleaning Culture, we take pride in doing a thorough job by following most accurate and efficient residential home cleaning checklist. We will make sure not to miss a single spot in your home and also perform a walkthrough pre-inspection to map out all the areas and discuss your specific needs and concerns. Our total cleaning checklist includes over 50 cleaning tasks, those will vary depending on the type of cleaning service chosen.
Cleaning TasksRegular CleaningDeep CleaningMove In / Move Out
Dishes Loaded Into The Dishwasher Or Washed Manually (1 Sink Load)
Ceiling Fans & Lamps Cleaned
Top of Door & Frame Wiped
Cobwebs Removed
Door Plates Cleaned/Sanitized
Switch Plates Cleaned/Sanitized
Outlet Covers Cleaned/Sanitized
Cabinet Doors/Drawers Wiped (Outside)
Cabinet Doors/ Drawers Wiped (Inside)
Refrigerator Cleaned/Sanitized (Inside)
Refrigerator Cleaned/Sanitized (Outside)
Dishwasher Cleaned/Sanitized (Outside)
Microwave Cleaned/Sanitized (Inside & Outside)
Oven Cleaned/Sanitized (Outside)
Oven Cleaned/Sanitized (Inside)
Stove Top Cleaned
Range Hood Cleaned/ Sanitized (Inside)
Range Hood Wiped (Outside)
Backsplash Cleaned
Chrome Cleaned
Garbage Bins Emptied/Cleaned/Sanitized/Relined
Countertops Cleaned/Sanitized
Sinks Cleaned/Sanitized
Baseboards Cleaned / Sanitized
Floors Vacuumed/Mopped
Window Sills, Ledges & Frames Cleaned Inside
Tile Wall Behind Tub Cleaned/Sanitized
Shower Door Cleaned/Sanitized
Tub Scrubbed/Sanitized
Mirrors & Frame Cleaned And Polished
Toilet Cleaned, Inside & Outside/Sanitized
Toilet Auto Sanitizer 7 days +
Beds Made & Linens Changed (If Provided)
Under The Bed Swept/Vacuumed
Furniture Dusted/Wiped
Power Brush Scrubbing Bathtub Tile Wall Grout
Wall Décor and Pictures Dusted
Couches Vaccumed
Banister Dusted
Wall Spots Cleaned
Window Blinds Cleaned(dusted)
Windows Cleaned Inside & Outside (1st Floor Only Unobstructed)(inside only)
Washer & Dryer Cleaned/ Sanitized (Outside)
Washer & Dryer Cleaned/ Sanitized (Inside)
Storage Swept/ Mopped
Garage Swept/ Mopped
Balcony Swept
Entry Door Cleaned Inside & Outside
Vapor Steam Cleaning & Disinfecting High Touch Surfaces👑👑👑
Vapor Steam Cleaning Full  Bathroom👑👑👑